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Solar PV Installations in Peterborough

With rising energy costs there has never been a better time to look at producing and storing your own electricity! So why not give us a call today to see how we can help you reduce your ever increasing energy costs whilst reducing your carbon foot print and helping the environment by producing and storing your own renewable energy to supply your home or building.

PV (Photo Voltaic) Solar Panels are still one of the easiest renewable solutions to install on new or existing properties and can provide substantial electricity cost savings whilst reducing your environmental impact. There are many additional benefits that can also be provided by the addition of PV Solar Panels on your domestic or commercial properties such as battery storage or a solar intelligent hot water controller that will provide you with free hot water if you have an existing immersion heater fitted.

Photo Voltaic Panels are Solar Panels that are installed on your roof and with the direct conversion of natural light converts it to electricity by utilising semiconducting materials such as silicon. This basically means the more light they are exposed to the more electricity that is produced. This means you can generate your own renewable energy in a clean and environmentally friendly manner whilst reducing your ever increasing energy costs.

This device is a must have add on if you have a conventional hot water storage cylinder fitted with an immersion heater. This controller basically detects when excess electricity is being produced via your PV Panels and allows the circuit of energy to extend to the supply of your immersion heater. This means that you will benefit from free hot water and also reduced running costs of your boiler.


Battery Storage is basically an energy storage system that will allow you to capture the electricity that is produced via your PV Solar Panels so that you can use this at a different time. This means that you can also take advantage of the free electricity you have generated during the day in the evenings. This is another excellent innovation that will help homeowners or businesses to reduce the ever increasing energy cost.


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What Our Clients Say

We are very pleased with 2 internal units installed. Certainly paid for themselves over winter months as they work with hot as well as cool air. Our electricity bill was very reasonable. Workmanship is very good & pleasing to the eye. Outside fans are not intrusive, in fact so hidden our Neighbours were not aware we have Aircon installed. Best purchase x

Teresa Baker
Local Google Guide

I had a Fujitsu air source heat pump fitted on Monday 20/03/23. The fitters were very professional, the unit was installed with minimum disruption by Nino and Tom, a good neat installation and cannot recommend Premiair highly enough. I would have no hesitation in using them in the future.

Keith McClelland
Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Excellent customer service from initial contact with Nathan to discuss and decide to installation with the fitters. The fitters arrived early and worked hard as we have a 100 year old barn with thick walls. The team was polite, and friendly, working well together. Headed up by Nino with Bailey and the apprentices. They took their shoes off unprompted, no mess anywhere, and hoovered up. Left the house as they'd found it. Would definitely recommend this company. Thank you!! VB

Vivienne Bowles
Professionalism, Punctuality, Responsiveness

Matt and his whole team had very high standards. They were excellent communicators, cleared up after themselves and we're delighted with the AC (it's so quiet too). Professional and friendly at every point. Give them a call - you can trust them to deliver.

Hilary Shields
Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

Unlike a couple of AC companies I tried, Nathan and team got back to me and quickly arranged to come out for a quote and discuss various options. They also supplied me with a portable AC unit for an outdoor office to help with the summer heat as I couldn’t sadly afford to have a fixed unit put in. Scheduled in installation a couple of weeks later and no ready to reap the rewards come summer. Would recommend.

Jo B
Professionalism, Responsiveness